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Week 3 Tuesday

It's the end of another day! I hope you have enjoyed your tasks today and have also been able to enjoy the sunshine. I've added more photos that you have sent to the Week 3 photos section so make sure you have a look. It's not always possible to include everybody's photos but I try to choose a selection of what you are sending me.


It was very exciting when the postman delivered this box this morning. It is something I ordered for our class, what do you think it could be? Lego Ron gives you an idea of the size if the box!

Good morning, it's a sunny Tuesday morning here and I can hear the birds singing in the garden. Make sure you take some time to just listen to the sounds around you and then look at what is happening to the plants. Lots of trees are starting to grow leaf buds, some trees are further ahead and already have new leaves. How are your plants growing? I've still got the ones from our classroom on my windowsill, I'm waiting for the temperature overnight to be a little warmer but they do need planting out soon as they are growing much taller now. I'll take a photo later and upload it this afternoon.

For your home learning today you are going to write a paragraph describing the setting of Peak Dale Farm, use the photograph from yesterday or you can find a photograph of a different farm. Which of your noun phrases from yesterday would be good to include? Make your writing detailed so when I read it I will be able to picture exactly what it looks like in my mind.

For Maths you are going to practise the 5x multiplication facts. If the song doesn't work on Purple Mash try this one but I can guarantee if you watch that you will be singing it all day!

Daily challenge:

I know you enjoyed the riddles so here are a couple of riddles that have got mixed up, can you put them back together?

One answer is a brown bear the other is a chimpanzee.

Can you put the riddles back together?

I have 4 paws.                                                                   The sound I make is ‘oo, oo’.

My arms are longer than my legs.                                Roar!

Fish and berries are my favourite foods.                    I live in North America.

I am an ape.                                                                     I live alone.

I use my arms to swing through trees.                       I like to live in a group.


Have a good day!