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Remote Learning 19.7.21

Literacy: I am learning to write about myself for my new teacher.


In Year 4 Miss Stott will want to know all about you! Pick one of the activities below - you can make your own shield or turn yourself into a superhero! 

Maths: I am learning to solve multiplication riddles.

Let's see how good your riddle solving is! In the sums below, a number has been replaced by some fruit! Can you work out which number each piece of fruit is supposed to be?

Art: I am learning to draw a memory from Year 3.

On PurpleMash you'll have a new 2Do -  'Memories of Year 3' - you need to warn the Year 2s what they're in for. Can you draw a memory from Year 3 and describe what's going on in the picture? What have your favourite memories been? 

Literacy: I am learning to review a film.

Last and probably least - you need to watch a film at home (make sure you ask a parent or guardian to put it on for you!). It could be your favourite, or it could be one you've not seen before. On PurpleMash, can you review using the sentence starters on your Film Review 2do?