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Log on to Mathletics (if you don't have your login, ask your grown-up to message me on Dojo) where you'll have 3 activities assigned - these are all about our multiplication and division topic. 

The first is multiply 2 digit by 1 digit;


So because we know that 7 ones times 2 ones is 14 ones, we also know the same for tens - 7 tens times 2 units is 14 tens. See the pattern?


Now let's move it forward with multiples of 10.

Same pattern - 4 multiplied by 8 is 32. So 4 lots of 8 hundred is 32 hundred, or 3200. 


Lastly, let's recap number fact families.


You'll start with 3 numbers - here we have 8, 7 and 56.


We can make 2 multiplications and 2 division numbers using these numbers. 8 lots of 7 is 56, and we know from our array work that you can just swap 7 and 8 around and the answer is the same. But what about division? Well, if 8 groups of 7 is 56, this means you can split up 56 into 8 groups and how many will be in each group? That's right, 7!

Just be careful with your division that you start with the big number! An easy mistake is to put something like 7 divided by 56 = 8. But that means 7 shared between 56 groups would have 8 in each group!