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Week 5 Tuesday

It's nearly hometime! Mrs Rothwell has been in school with me today, it was really nice to work with her again!


Today's challenge has kept you busy, I think we will do another one of those another day. You will be amazed that so far, the person with the most words has found more than 100 words! Don't worry, I have checked them all. You will have to check your scores tomorrow to see what points you got.


I'm looking forward to going home and checking on our caterpillars; surely there will be at least one chrysalis when I get home.


Enjoy the rest of the day

Mrs Hill

Good morning, it's Tuesday again.


As soon as I got home yesterday and as soon as I got up this morning I checked our caterpillars, still no chrysalis!


Your tasks today are BBC Bitesize Maths and Topic and for Literacy it's time to impress your grown-ups with your ability to spot imperative verbs!


I'm in school again today so it will take me longer to reply to emails but I will do it. If you need anything from me urgently call the school office.


Today's challenge:

How many words can you make from the words HUNGRY CATERPILLARS?

Today's scores won't be done on speed; it will be the most number of words that gets the highest score.


Have a good day

Mrs Hill