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Remote Learning 14/12/20

Good morning! If you're learning from home, this will be your guide to your home learning tasks today.


To start off with, we're going to finish off the literacy writing which we planned last week. The challenge is this - imagine you have to persuade somebody who eats nothing but sweets, crisps and chips to change their ways and start eating healthier. How could you do it? 

You'll need to magpie from this word mat;

How could we set it out? Well, in the examples we looked at, we need an introduction that tells the reader why your argument matters. Why should they care about eating healthier? Can you think of a couple of plus points?

Then, you need to move on to your reasons and evidence. For example, in our plans a lot of us had our paragraphs as...

  • Eating fruit and vegetables - why should we?
  • Getting enough carbohydrates and why.
  • Protein - what is it, why should we eat it?
  • Dairy - why do our bodies need it for a balanced diet?
  • Fats and sugar - why is too much bad for us?
  • Conclusion; a recap of your strongest reasons.


Remember, you need to include evidence in your paragraphs to make it more persuasive. Use those cause and effect conjunctions on the word mat! I've set a 2do on your PurpleMash - 14.12.20.



For maths this morning, we're going to make recalling those time table facts fun through a Christmas mosaic. Have a look in your home learning packs and you'll find 'Christmas Maths Mosaic' - we'll be practicing those 3s and 4s. Colour in the correct answer and you'll reveal a festive scene!

Before you jump in, refresh your knowledge with these times tables activities;


Guided Reading

Log into ReadingEggs and make sure you click on the 'ReadingEggpress' option to find your reading assignment for today.


Time to get festively funky with some Christmas dances! Have a look at these dances - which one do you think you'd do a good job at? For an extra challenge, can you make up your own Christmas dance to a traditional (or more modern!) song? Take lots of pictures!

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