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As a school, we are committed to ensuring our students are always protected online. We recognise that this is only one piece of the puzzle to keeping our children safe and thriving in their digital lives. Therefore, it is essential we work together as a community of parents, carers and educators to create a positive digital environment as one. So that staff and parents can work together on this, we have a new, exciting Online Safety Hub which is now live! You can access it for free here:

Don’t forget, that the Online Safety Hub is now live! You can access it for free here:

The Online Safety Hub is a brand-new online resource with lots of expert advice and guidance to help you manage your child's safety online as a parent. It includes information on the latest hot topics when it comes to keeping children safe, such as how to manage your child's screen time, understand the latest gaming platforms, what they mean for your child’s safety and lots more. We’re also offering you as a parent, a free Qustodio account facilitating parental controls on any 2 devices and free premium access for 30 days. Gain more visibility on what’s going on in your child’s online world. Block dangerous content, introduce screen-free schedules, receive alerts for inappropriate content, keep tabs on their location and more. Follow the link to create your free account:

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Be Internet Legends


This resource is for families with children aged 7 - 11 years and helps to support families in ensuring all members of the family are kept safe online. There is a  Be Internet Legends family charter and an online adventure game 'Interland' which teaches the key lessons of internet safety through four fun, challenging games:




Be Internet Legends Family Charter

Latest Digital Parenting magazine for your information and support.

National Online Safety's Parental Guide for keeping you child safe when using the App Store.


As part of Online Safety's #WakeUpWednesday campaign, they have created a free guide for parents & carers to help them stay vigilant when their children are using the App Store.

The App Store is used by most Apple device owners and, with millions of apps to choose from and download onto their devices, it’s important that parents know how to help their children use the App Store safely. This free guide covers what they need to know regarding the associated risks of the store including; look-alike apps, in-app purchases, inappropriate material and more.

Parents & carers can access this free guide by following the links below :


National Online Safety's Parental Guide for keeping you child safe on Playerunknown's Battlegrounds.


As part of their #WakeUpWednesday campaign, the National Online safety Team have created a free guide for parents & carers for your school to share about ‘Playerunknown's Battlegrounds’ (PUBG) – a game played by millions of children and young people worldwide.
Their guide is designed to inform parents and carers about the dangers and risks of letting their children play PUBG and how they can help keep their children safe online.

You can access their free guide for parents and even retweet the guide here: 

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