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22.1.21 Remote Learning

Warm up your maths brain this morning with PurpleMash on your 2Dos - match the questions and answers for the 3, 4 and 8 times tables!

Literacy - Review Questions

Today in literacy we'll be reviewing Stig of the Dump, using the new 2do on PurpleMash. Above there's a link to some question cards - you'll want to put the answers in your review. The one star questions are very basic information, like what happened in the story. If you want to make your review a lot more interesting, have a go at telling the reader the answers to the three star questions, like 'Find an interesting description in the story. Who or what does it describe and why is it interesting?'. There are prompts on the side of your PurpleMash 2do which will also help you if you're struggling what to put in your review.

If you need to jog your memory on what the book is like, here's chapter 1 and 2;

For maths today, we've two investigations. One is a game called Approaching Midnight - click the link above! This one you play against the computer using the link above. You can add 60, 45, 30 or 15 minutes, then the computer will go. The first to reach exactly midnight, wins! Can you find out a winning strategy? Can you always win no matter if you go first or second? See the video below for a guide on how to play this time game.

Approaching midnight

Next, we've got some clocks which have been reflected in a mirror! Can you figure out what time they should be telling? 

Where is the hour hand pointing?
Where is the minute hand pointing?
If you draw your solutions on a clock face, you could check them in a mirror!

Mount ETNA Volcano Erupts in a Spectacular Show - Biggest Europe Active Volcano - JANUARY 2021

Mount Etna erupts: Witnesses describe 'absolutely spectacular' scenes after ash warningMOUNT ETNA has erupted in a spectacular display of force as it spewed ...

Mount Etna, one of the world's most famous volcanoes, erupted spectacularly a few days ago - can you log into PurpleMash and create a factfile about this angry hill? What key volcanic vocabulary could you include? What's a stratovolcano? Ash cloud? Vent? Lava?


If you need a further volcanic challenge; I've assigned you a volcano database about these furious mountains around the world. Can you use it to solve the volcano quiz?