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Shooting Star

Northern Stars

This week's Shooting Stars

20th March 2020

This week the following children have been rewarded for doing something sensational in class.

Well done to this week's super shooting stars:
Year 6 - Archie
Year 5 - Leon

Year 4 - Myles
Year 3 - Isla
Year 2 - Edwin
Year 1 - Lexi-Mae

Reception - Skylar


I hope you all enjoy your wristbands, bookmarks and certificates.


These children have been working hard, having fun and achieving outside of school:



Wow, what a talented bunch you all are!


Birthday Congratulations

20th March 2020


Birthday congratulations from everyone at Northern this week goes to:

Ciaran, Olivia, Sophia, Yasmin and Kaden

Enjoy your special day!