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Summer 2 Week 7 Friday.....that's it!

Well, that's it! Goodbye for the final time this year and goodbye from me! You have worked so hard in Year 2 and I know you will be fantastic in Year 3...... Mrs Rothwell and Miss Birkett will keep me up to date on your progress!


Have a wonderful summer everyone and stay safe,

Mrs Hill

Good morning everyone, the last time I will say that to you crying Who would ever have thought this is how we would end our year together? I have absolutely loved working with Mrs Rothwell and Miss Birkett, they will keep you on the straight and narrow next year!


Those of you who are waiting for your prizes, if you are able to call into school today please do and I will pass your prize through the gate! If you can't, don't worry; I will go home via the Post Office this afternoon.


Enjoy your day,

Mrs Hill