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Week 3 Day 3

Well done everyone - another Wednesday complete!  


Lots of lovely learning and ideas seems to have been happening again which is lovely to see.  I really enjoy getting emails from you all telling me and showing me what you have been up to.  I hope you have all done lots of helpful things at home - my girls have washed up for me and are going to help make tea later on too.  


I have been busy working on my computer and got quite cross with it today because things were't working how I wanted them to and my tasks were taking longer than I thought because they were tricky!  It just goes to show that even grown ups find work hard sometimes!  I kept going though and asked for help from some of the other teachers and managed to do what I needed to - it's always good to ask for help, however old you are!


Anyway, I'm off for a walk with my girls in the lovely sunshine now.  Have a lovely evening, I will keep checking my emails later and upload any new pictures onto the website.


See you in the morning,


Mrs E x


Good Morning Superstars!


Welcome to another lovely day!  Hopefully all your tasks are straightforward today - I'm looking forward to seeing and reading about all of your kindness activities and I am going to try to get myself and my girls involved too!  


I've set you all another assignment on Reading Eggs and you will have Mathletics tasks as well.  If you want some extra maths to do today, have a try at it gives you 10 questions to have a go at on a maths area of your choice.  Ask a grown up to help you to set it up.  


You could also try this little challenge - can you build a tower bigger than you?  It can be a tower made out of anything - toys, shoes, books.....try to be creative?  Try to guess how many things you will need for the tower?  Were you right?  Can you build a tower for another person in your house?  How many things do you think you would need for them...more or less? Have fun!


Have you been reading Harold's Diary?  Today he is talking about sleep and exercise - I enjoy my sleep but need a lot of encouragement to do some exercise!  Have a look at what he has to say.


One final thing that you could have a look at is our 'Article of the Week', not just today but at any point each week.  This links to our Rights Respecting School Award and you can find more information about it with your grown up by looking at the Rights Respecting Schools section of our website (there is a link on the main classes page).


Good luck my little team, I'm here if you need me:


Have a lovely day,


Mrs E x

Hello Year 1 – hope your all having a good week.


The computer topic this term is to create your own Animated Story Book – how exciting is that!


Over the last few weeks you have probably looked at lots of online e-books as well as traditional books, and now its your chance to create one of your own! During this topic we will build on lots of the skills we already have – drawing a picture, typing a few words and changing fonts and colours but during this topic we will also add some animation (bring our stories to life by adding movements and sound). 


- Login to PurpleMash

- Click on TOOLS (pencil case icon)

- Click on 2Create a Story (open book icon)

- Click Launch App

- Click My Simple Story


Normally we would all sit together and talk about how the animation buttons work as we haven’t used these yet, but that’s a bit difficult today!! One of the teachers at Purplemash has therefore set up a little lesson for you to follow online. Once in the App you can click on this button:

Click on the text “My simple Story” (on the left) and you can watch how to make your book and how the animation will work. 

If you can’t get this to work don’t worry – just use the pages to draw pictures and write your story! Your story can be about anything you like. This project may take a little time (you may wish to work on it over the next few weeks), so make sure you save your work and you can keep going back to add a new page, picture or text.


This is a little tricky so if anyone has any queries just give me a shout and I will try my best to help,


Have a lovely day, keep creative, Mrs Ball smiley