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Week 8 Friday

A good morning to you!

Hope we’re all smiley faced and bright eyed today!

Let’s have a look at all the wonderful things you guys have been up to…



Jack sent in some fabulous photos! Look at that super smile!

Isla did very well in her Art and Literacy work!

Right guys! Let’s get learning!


Watch this clip about trees.

Trees | Educational Video for Kids

Discuss what you know about trees now.

Read this information about trees

(It’s American, there may be some American spellings)



Have you found out any more facts about trees?

Now create a poster that explains the importance of trees.

Trees are useful because…

They give us…

Trees also provide…

We need to plant more trees so that…

Challenge – using the information you have found out – make a quiz for your family!



Head over to Reading Eggs or have a listen to 20 minutes of The Enchanted Wood



Enchanted Woods by Enid Blyton Audiobook


More rounding.

I’ve set you a task on Mathletics! Have a go!



Last day learning about the different parts of a plant.

Watch this video explaining all the different parts of a plant.


Flower Dissection - Reproduction in flowering plants

Using your new knowledge, label this plant

(answer sheet comes first!)

Sorry if you don’t have a printer! Please try your best to copy it.


There is a competition coming on Monday. Keep your eyes peeled! It's for all of KS2.


Have a super, wonderful, fandabbydosey, awesome day and a mega, stupendous weekend.


Miss you more than ever.