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Week 13 Tuesday

Good morning! 

How are we all feeling today?

Let's have a look at what you've been up to.


Jack has had a great time with his dog Sage. He also did an amazing All About Me and he played a wicked game of The Floor is Lava!

Max created a wonderful All About Me booklet.

Some lovely work sent in there guys! Thank you very much!

Okay, let's get learning!



Watch and enjoy the film CGI 3D Animated Short ‘Embarked’:

CGI 3D Animated Short "Embarked" - by Mikel Mugica, Adele Hawkins and Soo Kyung Kang | TheCGBros

Discuss the word ‘embarked’. Why has the film maker used this word for the title? Look this up in a dictionary and discuss this together. Discuss the word ‘bark’ and how this links to the story and the title too. Watch the film again. This time, pause the film at key moments and generate questions which you would like to ask each character. Use the question hand to support this.

Example questions to ask the tree house character may be: - Who is your best friend? - Where do you live? - Where do you want to live? Why? - Why did you follow the boy?


Now generate questions that you would ask the boy. You could then ask a member of your household to watch the film with you again. Challenge them to answer your questions by responding as if they are the character!



Hop on Reading Eggs my lovelies! Let's see how many more silvers we can get before the holidays!



Show your teacher what you can do in maths…
Write down 2 numbers between 100 and 1,000
 Write down the value of each digit
 Put them in order and use < >
 Use a written method to add them together
 Use a written method to find the difference
 Describe / show the different mental strategies you could use to add them
 Multiply them by 10 and explain what happens
 Round the numbers to the nearest 100



I'm going to regret this...


Today, you're going to draw a portrait of your new teacher. Try a new style! Research an artist and draw your new teacher following their technique. It could be Warhol or Picasso!


Have fun!

Miss you!