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Week 4 Work Gallery

Friday's Work

Friday's Work 1 Super writing Brody!
Friday's Work 2 Camping fun...
Friday's Work 3 ...inside! Looks fun Brody!
Friday's Work 4 Master chef Mannat.
Friday's Work 5 Super writing.
Friday's Work 6 The finished cake.
Friday's Work 7 Writing.
Friday's Work 8 What a great piece of work!
Friday's Work 9 Penguin writing.
Friday's Work 10 You have been busy.
Friday's Work 11 Great work.
Friday's Work 12 Maths challenges.
Friday's Work 13 Maths challenge completed.
Friday's Work 14 Mrs Ball’s challenge.
Friday's Work 15 Wonderful writing.
Friday's Work 16 Well completed!
Friday's Work 17 Great writing.
Friday's Work 18 Decorating the cake.
Friday's Work 19 Spreading the topping.
Friday's Work 20 A lovely card.
Friday's Work 21 A birthday card for Zac’d Great Grandma.
Friday's Work 22 Well done.
Friday's Work 23 Elsie’s lovely work.

Thursday’s work

Thursday’s work 1 Elsie’s super maths.
Thursday’s work 2 Elsie’s plant writing.
Thursday’s work 3 Elsie’s super allotment writing.
Thursday’s work 4 Mac’s maths work.
Thursday’s work 5 Measuring his legs!
Thursday’s work 6 Maths work.
Thursday’s work 7 Isabel’s super work....
Thursday’s work 8 More ordering work.
Thursday’s work 9 Excellent number work.
Thursday’s work 10 Mac’s wooden bird house!
Thursday’s work 11 Garden bird spotting.
Thursday’s work 12 Maths whizz work.
Thursday’s work 13 Ordering number work.
Thursday’s work 14 Magical plants.....
Thursday’s work 15 Super labelling from Lottie.
Thursday’s work 16 Lottie’s bird nest.
Thursday’s work 17 Harriet’s super learning.
Thursday’s work 18 What an amazing birds nest Harriet!
Thursday’s work 19 A great moss version too Harriet!
Thursday’s work 20 Sam’s great R.E work.
Thursday’s work 21 Sam’s great learning.
Thursday’s work 22 More maths from Sam.
Thursday’s work 23 Noah’s fab writing!
Picture 1 Harriet's beautiful butterfly
Picture 2 Bird watching check list by Harriet
Picture 3 Amazing Lego rainbow!

Wednesday’s work...

Wednesday’s work... 1 Noah’s super maths work.
Wednesday’s work... 2 Isabel’s smiley face!
Wednesday’s work... 3 More maths...
Wednesday’s work... 4 Isabel’s animal writing.
Wednesday’s work... 5 Sam’s rainbow.
Wednesday’s work... 6 Elsie’s animal work.
Wednesday’s work... 7 Very neat descriptive sentences Elsie.
Wednesday’s work... 8 Wow Elsie’s been busy!
Wednesday’s work... 9 Completed maths puzzle! Well done Lottie.
Wednesday’s work... 10 Super rhyming about your tortoise Lottie.
Wednesday’s work... 11 Lottie’s numicon learning.
Wednesday’s work... 12 Harriet’s material work.
Wednesday’s work... 13 Practical science from Harriet.
Wednesday’s work... 14 Super Lego rainbow Brody!
Wednesday’s work... 15 Beautiful writing from Brody!
Wednesday’s work... 16 Ahhh Brody and Rio!

Tuesday’s work...

Tuesday’s work... 1 Noah’s lovely colourful butterfly.
Tuesday’s work... 2 Lottie’s super pet writing.
Tuesday’s work... 3 Harriet’s amazing art work and writing.
Tuesday’s work... 4 Excellent partitioning work.
Tuesday’s work... 5 Sam’s excellent Literacy work.
Tuesday’s work... 6 Elsie’s very neat Eiffel Tower.
Tuesday’s work... 7 Brody is such a good artist!
Tuesday’s work... 8 Great work Brody!
Tuesday’s work... 9 Super number work Brody!
Tuesday’s work... 10 He he!

Monday’s work....

Monday’s work.... 1 Sam’s super ordinal work and handwriting.
Monday’s work.... 2 Noah has been working hard with his writing today.
Monday’s work.... 3 Elsie’s BBC Bitesize work. Super order!
Monday’s work.... 4 Arthurs outdoor den making part 1.
Monday’s work.... 5 Arthurs outdoor den making part 2.
Monday’s work.... 6 Arthur’s challenge words.
Monday’s work.... 7 Mac’s ordering of items.
Monday’s work.... 8 Lottie’s super writing about her dog.
Monday’s work.... 9 Zac learning lots of sounds.
Picture 1 Lottie's interesting facts about butterflies
Picture 2 Harriet's fantastic portrait of Ebony
Picture 3 Harriets interesting facts about ladybirds