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Reading at Northern Primary School


Our Intent


When our children leave our school, we expect them to be avid readers, who read fluently and widely, and are able to express preferences and opinions about the texts that they read. We want them to read for pleasure, having had access to a wide range of text types, genres and authors in order for them to make informed opinions about their favourites. Through choosing quality texts and the knowledge they have gained from these texts, we want children to be able to understand more about the world in which they live.


At Northern we believe reading is the key to succeeding!  Each of our classrooms have a dedicated reading area where children can enjoy reading for pleasure and can experience a range of genres relating to the topic they are currently learning in class. 




We have library areas for all children to access.  These have a range of fiction and non fiction books which the children can choose for pleasure and also to support their learning across the curriculum.

We work closely with Lancashire library services and they provide termly resource boxes to support the learning in school.  This ensures that children are constantly accessing new resources to ignite their interest.  As well as supplying books, the library loan service also provide artefacts and practical resources to immerse the children in their learning.

Each class also have a class novel which is read at the end of each day.  An interactive book board is present in each class for the children to make predictions, document favourite parts and learn about the author.  Character webs and plot structures are also discussed and displayed on these boards.  See our challenge 75 books to read before you are 11 | Northern Primary School (


In the in the early stages of reading, books match the phonics phase the child is working at and then this progresses from reading for decoding to reading for understanding and enjoyment.  For children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 (for the Autumn Term) RWI is taught daily with writing tasks linked to the book which is being shared that week.  In Years 3, 4, 5 and 6, guided reading activities take place daily on a carousel basis.


Children receive books to bring home for reading right from Reception Class. We expect children to read at home with an adult everyday and we teach children to read using the Read, Write, Inc phonics scheme. Parents should sign their child's Home Reading Record each day so that staff in school know when the book needs changing and can monitor how regularly home reading is taking place.


We also subscribe to Readingeggs which is a fun and interactive resource to develop your child's reading skills.

Useful Links

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As a school we are lucky to work with Lancashire Literacy Consultants. We follow the Learning and Progression Steps (LAPS) in Reading for children's targets.