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Week 7 Wednesday

Happy Wednesday Year 3!

I’ve popped Week 7 Friday on the website because for our Family Fun Day Friday you need to go on a scavenger hunt and get some things prepared so go over and have a look at what you’d like to do on Friday 😊

Let’s have a look at what you lovely lot have been up to…


Isla wrote a beautiful summary of The Elves and The Shoe Maker. She also cracked Julius Caesar's code! Well done!



Mason worked super hard on the Literacy task. Take time to read his responses! They're excellent!
Miley Newman has also been working hard. Check out what she's been up to!

Guess Who

Yesterday was Henry, well done!

Miss Collins’ Guess Who for today…

This boy is one of the tallest in our class with the biggest heart. If any of his friends fall or are upset, he is always first to run over and offer some help and support. He enjoys our music lessons and loves to learn about all the different notes, beats, rhythms and tempos. He loves to laugh and has a great giggle. He also loves to show me his new earring!

Can you guess who?


Thinking caps on!


Watch and enjoy the introduction to The shoe People episode ‘Can you keep a secret?’

The Shoe People 101 - Can You Keep a Secret?

Write down the names of the different shoe people you meet where they live and describe their houses.

Chorley the clown lives in a …. House. It has ….. It is …..

Remember to use capital letters for the names of characters and describe each house using adjectives (describing words)

Now you can enjoy these videos too.



The Shoe People: The Windmill Has Stopped

The Shoe People 106 - Margot


Jump on to reading eggs. Try and finish a whole book! Completing the quizzes gives you lots of eggs!



Follow the link to a multiplication problem solving game.

You have to work out how many outfits Bobbie can wear. All the different combinations possible.

Now, if Bobbie has 2 dungarees and 5 shirts that’s the same as 2 x 5 so he must be able to wear 10 different outfits.

You have to click on ‘New Game’ each time you finish.


Did you enjoy cracking the code?

This task is going to take two days.

We have learned many things about Roman Britain now;

How the Romans invaded Britain.

Why Boudicca was so important.

How the Romans lived day to day life.

What the Romans built in Britain

All about The Celts and how they lived.


That’s a lot of learning. But what’s important is that you now understand it in the sense of a timeline.

Watch the video below – THE GUY TALKS SUPER FAST. But what I want you to realise is that Roman Britain lasted for many years. They were many battles. There were many emperors. Lots of things happened in these hundreds of years.

Ten Minute English and British History #01 - Early Roman Britain and Boudicca's Rebellion

Now, look at this timeline.


Okay, your task is to get together EVERYTHING you have learned about Roman Britain and you can either;

Make a timeline

Make a leaflet

Create a presentation

Create a show where you talk through everything you know

Draw pictures and describe them

Create a comic strip


It’s completely up to you. But you need to show that you understand all these things that you have studied happened over hundreds of years.


Have fun! Miss you.