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Week 9 Monday

Good morning!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! 

Let's have a look what some of you have been up to!

Rudy has been a super busy been! Have a look at all the amazing work he's done and look at how cute his new pet, chilli, is!

Miley worked hard and produced a lovely poem for Robin Hood.

Rosie has also been a busy little bee! Look at all the amazing things she's been doing!

Let's get learning.


Read and enjoy Chapter One of Mister Cleghorn’s Seal by Judith Kerr:

(You will need to register with LoveReading4Kids to view the extract. Membership is free).


After reading, discuss new and interesting vocabulary which you have read, e.g. edition, rearranging, newfangled, sum, stir, janitor, retreated. Write down the new vocabulary and use to explore similar words (synonyms) to help you understand them.


Create a character chart about Mister Cleghorn. Write down all the things you have found out about him.


Name? Where does he live? What was his job? What does he like doing? How old do you think he is? Say why. Which other characters are there? Anything else you know?




Definitely a reading eggs day today, let's get some certificates!



I was very impressed with the work last week. This week, we're going to focus on negative numbers on a timeline.

We did touch upon this in class so this is hopefully a refreshers. For some of you, this may be brand new so super listening!





Remember when I said there was going to be a competition? Well! Here it is!

We're are staying very on topic with our afternoon today and we are going to take part in the Picture News competition. 

Have you seen or heard anything on the news that answers this question...?


These clips will help explain the question.

Black Lives Matter and Blackout Tuesday are movements to both raise awareness and educate people about racial inequalities around the world. Racism is something we can all learn about and find out ways that we can support and promote equality for all.



Find out about and create a fact file from a person influential to the black civil rights movement e.g. Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King.

You have until Friday to create this fact file, send it in and I'll send it off to Picture News!