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Week 13 Friday

Good morning!

Well, another Friday is here... it seems to have come quite quickly for me and Miss Collins. Time flies when you're having fun!

Let's have a look at what you've been up to!


Miley has been working hard!

Lovely All About Me work there, Miley. 

Okay my lovelies!

Let's get learning.



Continue watching The Lego Story from yesterday:



The LEGO® Story

Pause the film at these key points and write notes about Godtfred Kirk Christiansen and how Lego developed.

11:32 mins

12:28 mins

15:00 mins

Using your notes to help you, create either a poster or a page to go in an information book or on a website – all about The Lego Story. Imagine the poster or book will be for children who are the same age as you, or younger, so try to make it as interesting and easy to follow as possible!

Remember to include: - heading (e.g. All About Lego) - sub-headings (e.g. How did Lego get its name? Who was Ole Kirk Kristianson?) - labelled picture/ diagram of a Lego brick/other toys - amazing fact(s) to surprise your reader. Alternatively, you may wish to organise your writing using a timeline structure like the example read yesterday:


Keep reading over your writing to check it makes sense. Remember to check for your spellings and punctuation. Colour your picture/diagram/ timeline and titles to make your page as bright and interesting as possible. If you can, post it to your teacher so they can share your poster/information page/timeline with the rest of your class!



Hop on Reading eggs! If you earn a certificate... it might not show up until next week so it won't be on today's celebrations!



Code breaking challenge for you today! I'll be very impressed if anyone manages to answer them all!



Last transition day today, funny one! Like I said, this is a whole school thing... I didn't decide it! Haha!

Write a Thank You letter to your teacher... 


Come back at 2pm for special announcements!