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Summer 2 Week 4 Friday

Good afternoon Year 2. I don't know what it's been like where you are, but here we've had every weather from torrential downpours to bright sunshine! I wonder what the weekend will bring?


Well done to everyone who cracked the code today; don't forget names need capital letters so you should have used a capital letter for Paddington Bear, Brown and London. You have been awarded an extra point for each capital letter you used correctly along with the normal points for the order I received your replies. You will be able to see the updated scores on Monday.


I have been wondering who to award 'Shooting Star' to this week; lots of you deserve it for different reasons. But then, something was pinged to my email which I thought was absolutely amazing and took a learning activity to a different level. Your French lesson today was about food and one person created a French menu and presented it very professionally. Well done Jack, I am so impressed with your menu.


Have a wonderful weekend everybody, we'll be back for another week of home learning bright and early on Monday.


Take care,

Mrs Hill

Good morning everyone, hope you're all OK. I can't believe it's Friday again; where are these weeks going?

It's very warm again today, if you're outside make sure you drink lots of water to keep you  hydrated. 


Story-writing day! Are you going to write a story about Paddington or one of your bears? You might want to draw a story map before you start writing to organise your ideas.

Maths challenges today.

More French, ooh la la. You did so well last time! Send your videos in.


Today's challenge (extra points will be given for capital letters in the correct places!)

Have a good day everyone, I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


Mrs Hill