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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6 2020 - 2021

Welcome to the new Year 6 class of 2020! This year the children will be learning some amazing new things, take part in some great activities and be prepared for the next chapter of their educational journey. Year 6 is a very rewarding and challenging year and together we will strive to achieve and be the very best we can. If you need to contact me at any point, my email address is


Welcome To Year 6's Remote Learning Section.

Hello Year 6! During this temporary period of remote learning, all your work will be set on Teams as well as your Live lessons. Please remember that this is an extension of the classroom and you must complete all activities set and your work can be submitted over Teams, emailed to me directly or photographed and then emailed on to me. I will return any feedback via Teams or email depending on how you submit it to me. As I have already explained, everyone needs to put in the same amount of effort as they would if we were altogether in class so let's make sure we do. I am really looking forward to seeing the work you produce whilst you're off. 

Stay safe Year 6!