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Friday 15th January

Good morning Reception Class, Well done for completing another week of remote learning, 


Phonics will take place as it did yesterday and I have sent out the Teams times to you already.  Please log in to Oxford Owl using the user name - npsreception1 and password NPS1234.

Please read the book which was discussed yesterday prior to the session and then I will meet with you at the allocated time.

Handwriting practise - t, n, m, d, b, i

9.45 group - Practice all sounds.  Words to write - hit, mop, nut, map, hot, tin

Green Group - Children to make a warning poster about bears near the pond.

Red Group - Sun Hat Fun - Story 4 - Gus - Children to write a sentence - Gus gets the bag of buns.

Maths - spot the missing numbers.  You have done so well with your numbers this week.  Let's see if you can fill in the missing numbers we have looked at this week.

Topic/literacy - What has been the most interesting thing you have learned this week about polar bears or penguins?  Write a sentence and draw a picture to go with it.