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Week 7 Day 3

Good afternoon,


Wow!  What a lovely day!  Hope you have all been sensible and had sun hats on and sun cream if you have been outside!  Well done to everyone who has been doing some learning today, I know it can be tempting not to bother when the weather is so lovely but hopefully you have managed to do a bit of work and enjoy the sunshine too! 


Special thank you to those who have sent your pictures in for our website page - it already looks lovely with more of your smiling faces on there - keep them coming the rest of you!


I know that Mathletics has been difficult today and would not let me log on so I was unable to set new tasks for those who completed their tasks yesterday - sorry gang, hopefully it will be back up and running soon!


I hope you all have a lovely evening and I will be back online tomorrow!


Mrs E heart

Good Morning!


Here we are  - Wednesday - the middle of the week! Hurrah!  I hope you are all feeling OK and staying happy and safe at home.  I'm back working at home today after doing two days in school with the Key Worker children.  I am very proud of the children at Northern - the Key Worker children in school are doing so well and come to school with positive attitudes even though it must all be a bit strange to them not being in their normal classes and with all of their normal friends.  It's been lovely to be around them.  Also - you guys!  My class!  I'm so proud of all of you who are managing to do your work at home and send me messages and emails through your parents letting me know how you are doing and showing me your work! Mrs Dixon and I really miss you all but are glad you are all staying safe.


Now, on to today! I am hoping Reading Eggs will be back to normal today as I know a few of you had problems with it not letting you log on yesterday!  Out of my control unfortunately no  You have maths and science on bitesize to do and for Literacy will be writing about animals - I am looking forward to reading your fascinating facts!  Don't forget the daily tasks on the weekly overview too!


Have a lovely day - I'm here if you need me!


Mrs E wink

Bonus Task!


I would like to add pictures of all of you to our webpage to go with the pics of me, Mrs Dixon, Mrs Ball and Mrs Holt holding our signs up.  Could you make a sign and hold it up in an head and shoulders photograph of you and send it in to me so that I can add it.  It would be lovely to get as many of you on the Year 1 cover page as possible.  Your sign could just say something simple like "hello' or "I miss you" or could even be a picture of something like a rainbow, as long as it is something bold and simple so that it can be easily seen or read.  Let's fill our webpage with all your smiling faces!


Mrs E x

Hello Year 1 – hope your all ok laugh 


Today could you draw a self portrait? I’ve attached a couple of frames you could draw in. You could use pencils, paints or crayons. You could maybe sit outside to do this task and enjoy the sunshine, looks like its going to be a lovely day out there - hurray! smiley

I always enjoy looking at your drawings – send them to laugh


Have a lovely day, keep creative, Mrs Ball