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Summer 2 Wk2 Wednesday

Good afternoon,

I hope you've had a good day. We've enjoyed doing some 'Under the sea' pictures this afternoon for World Oceans Day. The rain has been with us most of the day but hopefully you've enjoyed some outdoor time? Did you find any mimibeasts? I know Alice did, have a look at what she found.


Until tomorrow, stay safe

Mrs Hill

Good morning, it's a bit rainy today! When I took Flynn out this morning before coming to school I saw lots of snails that are enjoying the wet weather. If you're out and about today have a look for different animals and minibeasts; maybe you could create a tally chart.


Mrs Rothwell is also in school today, although working with a different group of children. It will be nice to say a cheerful hello to her in a social distancing manner!


I will count up the words you sent from yesterday's challenge and then update the score sheet.


Your tasks today are 

Literacy: writing a postcard, there are lots of questions for you to consider before starting to write on the overview grid.

Maths: finding fractions of amounts and shapes. Remember how we did equal sharing in class because fractions have to be the same!

Science; learning about changing materials. This sounds lots of fun! I'm looking forward to seeing photos of what you have been doing.


Today's challenge:


Have a good day!

Mrs Hill