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Capital letters and Full stops.

Capital letters are important punctuation as we use them as visuals cues to help us understand what we are reading, such as at the start of a sentence or for a proper noun. Take a look at the poster below for some more examples of when we use capital letters.


Full stops are another piece of important punctuation that helps us to understand text. Full stops are used at the end of the sentence so that the reader knows that a sentence is complete and has ended.  


Mrs Baron has forgotten to use the correct punctuation therefore has not written a complete sentence. Please can you help her correct these sentences by putting in the correct punctuation?


  1. chris found his wallet in the drawer
  2. snow and rain are part of our winter weather
  3. we could fly africa on a plane
  4. the puppy was very playful
  5. mum gave us some sweets as a treat
  6. bob’s favourite food is pie and chips
  7. jack left his coat at school
  8. at the farm i saw cows grazing in the field


Check your work


Start of a sentence




Have you remembered your finger spaces?

Do your letters sit on the line?

Are your letters formed correctly and all the same size?