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W/B 19th Oct 2020

Thursday 22nd October

Here is today's learning for those of you who are learning at home. This morning we are doing P.E. Can you have a go at throwing and catching a ball? Can you use different size balls? Can you move further away to make it harder or move nearer if it is too hard. We are also going to be practising our football skills. Can you dribble around cones. 


We are going to weigh ourselves today. Can you remember how much you weigh in kilograms and write it down as a sentence. Can you weigh other family members and write those in order?


Can you practise writing lower and upper case letters? We are writing about animals. Can you find out about their habitat and their diet today and write in simple sentences. Don't forget your capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop. Check your sentence makes sense. 


We are going to draw what physical features there are in hot and cold countries. For example deserts, icebergs and cactus. Have a lovely day,

Send me your work....