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Week 10 Wednesday

Good morning!

How are we all today? Manage to sleep though that torrential rain last night? It was beautiful! Pouncing off the tarmac like a rubber bouncy ball!

Let's see what you lovely lot have been up to. 



Jack has worked really hard on his Literacy and Numeracy skills! Well done!

Max B had been whizzing through the column addition!

Isla has also worked really hard in Literacy and Numeracy and sent in some pictures of the plants she's growing. They look to be doing very well! Way to go!

Max D wrote an amazing letter for Literacy! Look at some of the vocabulary in there! Well done!

Ellie has been working away on her Literacy and Numeracy work! Great job!

Ollie has been working really hard on his Literacy letter! Good effort Ollie!

Check out these pictures of what Rosie has been up to! Baking, sewing, walking, learning...! Great job Rosie!

Well, it's so lovely to see what you're all up to! Great job guys! Super proud of all your achievements!

Okay okay, time to learn!


Read these poems about flight. As you read, jot down any interesting words or phrases about flight. 

Discuss: What would you do if you could fly? Where would you go?

What would you see? Would you visit a special place?


Write you own poem about flight. You may wish to use the title If I Could Fly, If I Had Wings, or create your
own title. Try to use some of the interesting vocabulary you’ve collected from the poems you’ve read. You could also use a thesaurus to find synonyms for your words.


Don’t worry about making your poem rhyme – it doesn’t need to! Your poem can just be a series of sentences about what you would do if you could fly.


Write your poem up neatly, illustrate it. Ring someone you love, read it to them!



I hope you all enjoyed your afternoon task yesterday?

I really do love The Enchanted Wood Story! I've left the link on the class page so you can watch it whenever you like. Now go earn some certificates on Reading Eggs! Have fun!



More column addition today, remember, if you're finding it tricky, I'm only an email away.

You're questions for today are on the document below.

Column Addition Worksheet


Head over to Purple Mash to complete your diary for another week about the growth of your plant! Try to include drawings or pictures! It's all so exciting! Keep emailing me about how you're getting on!


Have a great day Year 3.

Miss you.