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Sum 2 Wk 4 Tuesday

Good afternoon everyone,


I hope you have had a good day and managed to get some work done as well as enjoy the nice warm weather.  Not as many of you have been on Reading Eggs (Arthur, Aimee, Elsie, Harriet, Sam, Brody N) or Mathletics (Mac, Brody N, Charlie) today but a big well done to those who have!  Thank you too to those of you who have sent me emails of your work and bear pics! I've been back on the computer all day so am definitely ready for some fresh air now! 


Have a lovely afternoon and I will be back tomorrow!


Mrs E heart


Good morning all!


More bears work today!  You are looking at different 'famous bears' in Literacy and drawing/writing about you favourite bears!  Here are my two girls with their bears!  Liv got her Care Bear when she was 3 for her birthday because she loved the colour green! Izzys won hers in a raffle!  Send me a pic of you and your bear if you like - if I haven't had one already it could be your picture for out Year 1 page! 


More number work to 100 in maths and then you have some Geography all about Cities, Towns and Villages!


Well done yesterday to Mac, Elsie, Lexi-Mae, Zac, Lottie and Brody N for completing their Mathletics set tasks and to Arthur, Lexi-Mes, Mac, Aimee, Elsie, Harriet, Sam, Brody N and Zac for doing their Reading Eggs assignments!  Fab effort!


Have a great day everyone, I can't wait to see your work!


Mrs E x

Hello all, hope you had a good day yesterday. It looks like the weather is going to get hot later on this week! Hopefully we’ll have lots of sunshine! laugh

I have a lego challenge for you today! Can you remember in class we had to design our own little park/playground. I wonder if you could design and build one out of lego today? Ideas could include a play area, somewhere for people to sit, an ice-cream stand, sandpit and maybe even a outdoor swimming pool for if it gets really hot!


I would love to see your designs - you can send them to me at


Happy designing! Enjoy your day, Mrs Ball wink