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Sign2Sing Week

This week the children of Northern have done us proud by doing one of the things they do best....helping and thinking of others! They have been very busy taking part in our Sign2Sing week which has involved lots of activities and fundraising. They have focused on finding out more about what it is like to be deaf and supporting the deaf health charity Signhealth by raising funds. Many of the children have been having a go at simple finger spelling and finding out how difficult it can be to lip read! Year 1 have learned how to sign the song 'I Can Sing A Rainbow' and higher up the school, children in Year 6 have followed the story of a 15 year old deaf boy growing up in Uganda and how life changes dramatically for him when he is finally given the opportunity to learn sign language. 

Our biggest events were held on Wednesday where the children came to school in non-uniform for £1 and we had a cake sale, the proceeds of which will all go to the charity Sighhealth. The whole school also gathered in the hall to sing and sign the official sign2sing 2017 song 'Together', which they have been practicing in their singing assemblies during the last few weeks.

Many thanks to all those who provided cakes and donations for this very worthy cause. Hopefully I will be able to let you knw how much we raised very soon!

Mrs S Egan