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Year 4's Christmas concert

Year 4's Christmas concert 1
Year 4's Christmas concert 2
Year 4's Christmas concert 3
Well done to Year 4 for performing a fabulous Christmas concert this morning, and a big thank you to all the parents and guests who attended.

Bauble workshop

Bauble workshop 1
Bauble workshop 2
Bauble workshop 3
Bauble workshop 4
Bauble workshop 5
Bauble workshop 6
Bauble workshop 7
Bauble workshop 8
Bauble workshop 9
Bauble workshop 10
Bauble workshop 11
Bauble workshop 12
Bauble workshop 13
Year 4 had lots of fun this afternoon getting into the Christmas spirit by decorating baubles as part of design and technology.

Up & Active!

Up & Active! 1
Up & Active! 2
Up & Active! 3
Up & Active! 4
Up & Active! 5
Up & Active! 6
Up & Active! 7
Up & Active! 8
Up & Active! 9
Up & Active! 10
Year 4 have been enjoying their Up & Active visits as part of our Personal, Social and Health Education curriculum. We learned just how much sugar is in soft drinks and which healthy alternatives we could try. We also tried healthy snacks like satsumas, grapes and raisins to replace chocolate and crisps!

Curricular overview for the Autumn 2 half term

Harvest Assembly

Harvest Assembly 1
Harvest Assembly 2
Harvest Assembly 3
Harvest Assembly 4
Well done to all our Year 4s who narrated a story based on real lives in the UK, South Africa, Uganda and Malawi on how much harvest donations can change lives. A big thank you to all the parents and children who brought in food, which was very gratefully received by The Santuary Trust, a Rochdale based charity working with vulnerable members of society.

Malala's Magic Pencil competition

Malala's Magic Pencil competition 1
Malala's Magic Pencil competition 2
Malala's Magic Pencil competition 3
Malala's Magic Pencil competition 4
Malala's Magic Pencil competition 5
The children have been hard at work writing their entries for Malala's Magic Pencil competition, inspired by the book by Malala Yousafzai about a girl who dreams she has a pencil which can change the world. We used our ICT skills with iPads to research different charity causes around the world to give us ideas of what we would want to change.

Building torches

Building torches 1
Building torches 2
Building torches 3
Building torches 4
Building torches 5
Building torches 6
Building torches 7
Building torches 8
Building torches 9
Building torches 10
Building torches 11
Building torches 12
Year 4 used their scientific knowledge of circuits  today in designing and constructing a working torch we could turn on and off using nothing more than card, masking tape and electrical components!