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Welcome to Year 4!

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Welcome to Year 4's class page and join us on our voyages of discovery, where we always embrace new learning challenges with determination, show respect and tolerance and always treat each other with friendship and kindness.

Spellings for test on 14.12.18

Spellings for test on 7.12.18

Spellings for test on Friday 30th November

Homework for Autumn 2 half term

Curriculum overview for Autumn 2

Welcome Meeting PowerPoint presentation

Year 4 enjoyed their reading workshop from Lancashire Museums education service, hearing stories, playing genre bingo and, after much debate and discussion, deciding which books they would like to add to our class library!

European Languages Day

Zdravstvuyte from Year 4, who spent European Languages Day looking at the Russian language and peoples, composing a diamond poem on Russian topics such as the wintery steppe, symbolic brown bear, towering onion domes of St Basil's Cathedral and graceful ballet dancers as well as performing Russian folk dances and performing waltzes to Russian composer Dmitri Shoshtakovich's music.

Interview with an author

Interview with an author 1

Like all classes at Northern Year 4 has their own class novel, ours at the moment is Just Call Me Spaghetti Hoop Boy by Lara Williamson. While we were reading we thought up questions we might like to ask the author then, on a wing and a prayer, sent them to the author and were incredibly grateful to receive answers to all of our questions. It's not every day you get to interview an award winning children's author!


Thank you so much for your lovely email and I’m thrilled your class have chosen Just Call Me Spaghetti-Hoop Boy as their class novel and they’re enjoying it so far. Yay! That’s great news! And thank you for the questions that they’d like to ask me. Here goes some answers:


Q: Which of your books that you've written is your favourite?

Lara: Ah, choosing my favourite book is like choosing between buns, cakes and sweets. I love them all. They’re all a bit different to each other but equally delightful. Although, between you and me, I do have a soft spot for my second book, The Boy Who Sailed the Ocean in an Armchair. I think it’s because I love the snail in the book.

Q: Who is your favourite character in Just Call Me Spaghetti Hoop boy and why?

Lara: Ooh, tricky question. I like different characters for different reasons. I like Tiny Eric a lot and Sausage Roll too. Who doesn’t love an invisible dog? Maybe Sausage Roll needs his own book.

Q: What made you think of calling your book Spaghetti Hoop Boy?

Lara: I’m a fan of spaghetti-hoops. And it felt like the right name for this story as Adam needed a superhero name that was also a little bit of fun.

Q: Why is there Boy in all of your book titles?

Lara: All three books feel like a set and so I’ve used the word ‘boy’ in all three to connect them. And I like to imagine that my characters might have passed each other in the street or have been friends.
Q: How did you think up Tiny Eric?

Lara: Sometimes characters just come to you and you have to write them as you imagine them. I knew Tiny Eric would be tall but called Tiny. And I knew he’d be a good friend to Adam.

Q: What made you interested in becoming an author?

Lara: I’ve always written little stories, even from a very young age. I can’t remember a time where I didn’t write so it felt natural to write a book. I didn’t know if I’d manage to get it published though and when it happened I was over-the-moon. It was a huge dream come true.

Q: What is your favourite part of Spaghetti Hoop Boy?

Lara: I don’t really have a favourite part of a book because I see the book more as a whole story. Sometimes I think being an author is like weaving little magical threads together to make something special at the end. If you do it right everything works perfectly but if you make mistakes little holes appear and you need to sort them out.

Q: What did you do before you became an author?

Lara: Before I was an author I worked for a teen magazine where I styled photo shoots with models and wrote about beauty products. It was an amazing job and I loved it.

Q: Were you good at writing stories when you were in primary school?

Lara: I think I was quite good at English in school and I was also good at Art. Unfortunately, I was not so good at Maths. I’m a creative person who loves to draw and make things and paint and design.

Q: When did you start to like writing?

Lara: I’ve always loved writing, even when I was younger. When I was about ten I’d meet up with my friends and we would split into two groups, write plays and then act them out in front of each other. Then we’d choose the winning group with the best story. Thinking back, it was good experience for writing a book.

Q: What's your next book going to be about?

Lara: Ah, much as I’d love to spill the beans I have to keep the beans firmly inside the tin. That’s what my editor says anyway. Joking aside, I wouldn’t want to spoil the story for you but keep your eyes peeled as it’ll be out in the spring. Yay!


Year 4 had a great time this week during music week, participating in our music workshop with African drums and learning all about that Motown sound performing stretches inspired by Aretha Franklin's Respect, choreographing dances and singing to Ain't No Mountain High Enough, writing biographies of Motown artists like Stevie Wonder and getting hands on with their clarinets and saxophones for the first time!

Year 4 Welcome letter for September 2018

Curriculum overview for the Autumn 1 half term

Looking back on 2017 - 2018

Mamma Mia! Here we go again

A big thanks to all the parents and guardians who came to see Year 4's summer music concert. Year 4 put on a show demonstrating their clarinet and saxophone skills they had learned throughout the year, performing their dance to 'Count on me', performing the instrumental track Razza Sazza and, in the highlight of the show, a spirited cover of ABBA's Mamma Mia!

Smoothie Operator

Year 4 experimented with different combinations of mango, pineapple, strawberry, blackberries, blueberries, bananas and fruit juices to try and make a tasty and healthy smoothie.

The Science of Pan Pipes

Year 4 rekindled the spirits of the Andes mountains as we constructed our own pan pipes with varied pitches as part of our sound unit of science.

Please find attached the detailed curriculum overview for Year 4's second summer half term.

Summer 2 Take Away Homework

Zen and the art of classroom maintenance

Year 4 spent a very tranquil afternoon exploring the Buddhist faith thanks to our visitor Christine. 

Judaism visit

Year 4 were very fortunate to have Mr. Bloom as a guest in the classroom, who told us all about his religion of Judaism and the festival of Passover. We looked at objects which have meaning in Jewish tradition like the kippah, Seder Plate, Torah scroll and we even tried some Matzo!
Year 4 had lots of fun on our school trip to Touchstones Rochdale turning three unfortunate volunteers into real life Egyptian mummies!

Summer Term welcome letter

Curricular overview of Summer 1 half term

'The Chocolate Shop' goes down a treat!

Well done to all our Year 3 and Year 4 pupils for working so hard on their Easter performance, 'The Chocolate Shop', and a special thank you to all the parents and guardians who spent so much time and effort with their amazing costumes!

Reading Buddies

Year 4 have teamed up with Year 2 this half term to start reading buddies to spread the love of reading throughout the school.

Winter Olympics

Winter Olympics 1
Winter Olympics 2
Winter Olympics 3
Winter Olympics 4
Winter Olympics 5
Winter Olympics 6
Winter Olympics 7
Winter Olympics 8
Winter Olympics 9
Winter Olympics 10
Winter Olympics 11
Winter Olympics 12
Winter Olympics 13

Year 4 have been looking at the Winter Olympics in South Korea testing their reading comprehension skills on a story based on this years games, as well as looking at the individual events and interviews with athletes. We thought about the international spirit of the games and welcoming all backgrounds and countries. We also acted out in role as an athlete facing a challenge and a motivational coach inspiring them to overcome it, and posed in a scene from our favourite event - can you guess which ones we picked?

Safer internet day

For Safer internet day Year 4 looked at how technology should be used responsibly and in accordance with our agreed class charter on safe use of the computer. We composed acrostic poems based around key words about the importance of never sharing personal information, telling an adult straight away if someone wants to meet you and if you see something which makes you upset or uncomfortable.

Please find attached the half termly overview for spring 2

Look at those pearly whites!

Look at those pearly whites! 1
Look at those pearly whites! 2
Look at those pearly whites! 3
Look at those pearly whites! 4
Look at those pearly whites! 5
Look at those pearly whites! 6
Look at those pearly whites! 7
Look at those pearly whites! 8
As part of our science topic Year 4 has been looking at teeth and digestion. We used disclosing tablets, which highlight plaque, to conduct an experiment on how much difference brushing our teeth made to the amount of plaque on our teeth - the results were very bright and clear!

Easter Play letter

Year 4's Christmas concert

Year 4's Christmas concert 1
Year 4's Christmas concert 2
Year 4's Christmas concert 3
Well done to Year 4 for performing a fabulous Christmas concert this morning, and a big thank you to all the parents and guests who attended.

Bauble workshop

Bauble workshop 1
Bauble workshop 2
Bauble workshop 3
Bauble workshop 4
Bauble workshop 5
Bauble workshop 6
Bauble workshop 7
Bauble workshop 8
Bauble workshop 9
Bauble workshop 10
Bauble workshop 11
Bauble workshop 12
Bauble workshop 13
Year 4 had lots of fun this afternoon getting into the Christmas spirit by decorating baubles as part of design and technology.

Up & Active!

Up & Active! 1
Up & Active! 2
Up & Active! 3
Up & Active! 4
Up & Active! 5
Up & Active! 6
Up & Active! 7
Up & Active! 8
Up & Active! 9
Up & Active! 10
Year 4 have been enjoying their Up & Active visits as part of our Personal, Social and Health Education curriculum. We learned just how much sugar is in soft drinks and which healthy alternatives we could try. We also tried healthy snacks like satsumas, grapes and raisins to replace chocolate and crisps!

Curricular overview for the Autumn 2 half term

Harvest Assembly

Harvest Assembly 1
Harvest Assembly 2
Harvest Assembly 3
Harvest Assembly 4
Well done to all our Year 4s who narrated a story based on real lives in the UK, South Africa, Uganda and Malawi on how much harvest donations can change lives. A big thank you to all the parents and children who brought in food, which was very gratefully received by The Santuary Trust, a Rochdale based charity working with vulnerable members of society.

Malala's Magic Pencil competition

Malala's Magic Pencil competition 1
Malala's Magic Pencil competition 2
Malala's Magic Pencil competition 3
Malala's Magic Pencil competition 4
Malala's Magic Pencil competition 5
The children have been hard at work writing their entries for Malala's Magic Pencil competition, inspired by the book by Malala Yousafzai about a girl who dreams she has a pencil which can change the world. We used our ICT skills with iPads to research different charity causes around the world to give us ideas of what we would want to change.

Building torches

Building torches 1
Building torches 2
Building torches 3
Building torches 4
Building torches 5
Building torches 6
Building torches 7
Building torches 8
Building torches 9
Building torches 10
Building torches 11
Building torches 12
Year 4 used their scientific knowledge of circuits  today in designing and constructing a working torch we could turn on and off using nothing more than card, masking tape and electrical components!