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2017 Assessment Results at Northern Primary School


In July 2017, 83% of our Reception children achieved a Good Level of Development.


Year 2

In July 2017, 86% of our Year 2 children achieved at least an Expected standard of attainment in all three aspects of Reading, Writing and Mathematics. Our Year 2 children made better than expected progress from 76% of our pupils achieving a Good Level of Development in July 2015 to 86% achieving at least Expected standard in July 2017.


Year 6

In July 2017, 80% of our Year 6 children achieved the Expected Standard of attainment in all three aspects of Reading, Writing and Maths with 10% of these children achieving at a Higher Standard of attainment in all three aspects.


The progress measures were at least in line with national standards with Reading at 1.2; Writing at 3.2 and Mathematics at 0.6.


Average scaled score : (Scaled score: 100 = Expected Standard / 110 = Higher level of attainment)





These results follow on from Key Stage 2 results in July 2016 which placed Northern Primary School in the top 1% of schools nationally for attainment in Writing and Mathematics.


For a detailed analysis of our Key Stage 2 results please look at the 2017 Assessment Results for KS2 document below.


Please find below our most recent Ofsted reports and relevant information from the Department for Education Performance Tables. 

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