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Online Safety

The online world offers amazing opportunities but also brings elements of potential risk and for Parents & Carers, making sense of the online world can appear to be an enormous challenge. 


Unlike previous generations, the online environment is an integral part of children’s lives and therefore we can no longer consider their wellbeing or safety without also considering their relationship to technology. 


However, staying safe online is fundamentally about behaviours rather than the technology itself and if approached from this perspective, we can begin to gain confidence to support our children. 


The illustration below provides some useful tips for Parents and Carers when discussing the online environment with children. 

Bulletin Tips Wide 2016
As part of their #WakeUpWednesday campaign, the National Online safety Team have created a free guide for parents & carers for your school to share about ‘Playerunknown's Battlegrounds’ (PUBG) – a game played by millions of children and young people worldwide.
Their guide is designed to inform parents and carers about the dangers and risks of letting their children play PUBG and how they can help keep their children safe online.

You can access their free guide for parents and even retweet the guide here: 


National Online Safety's Parental Guide to Keeping Your Child Safe On Minecraft