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Science at Northern

Bronze Science Quality Mark


The school has worked hard to achieve the Bronze Primary Science Quality Mark which aims to raise the profile of science in primary schools. As a school, we have discussed what good science looks like at Northern and we have put together our Core Principles in Science.

Northern Primary School


Science Curriculum Overview

Year Group

Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2



Common animals other than humans and their basic structure


Plants - basic structure and observing growth over time


Everyday materials - naming of materials and their properties

Human body and senses

Nature and field journals - observations over time of seasonal changes, plants, weather and length of day



Humans - what humans need to survive, human growth and exercise


Human health and nutrition; requirements for plant growth

Living things and habitats

Uses of everyday materials - suitability of different materials for particular uses

Nature and field journals - observations of plants and animals in their local environment throughout the year



Nutrition, diet and movement and the skeleton

Rocks and fossils

Forces and magnets


Plants - functions or parts and plant growth

Standalone unit on light - shadows and reflections


Electricity - series circuits, switches, conductors, insulators


Teeth and the digestive system


States of matter

Habitats - grouping and classifying plants and animals

Standalone unit on sound



Materials - reversible and irreversible changes

Earth and space

Forces and falling objects

Life cycle changes in animals and plants; naturalists (e.g. David Attenborough)

Animals including humans - growth and development of humans PLUS exercise and the circulatory system

Standalone unit on material properties - comparative / fair tests of everyday materials.  This could be a theme for a science week over four or five afternoons.


Evolution and inheritance - adaptation, survival of the fittest, reproduction and passing on traits

Light - exploring the way light behaves including light sources, reflection, shadows

Humans –health, exercise and the circulatory system.

Classification including subdivisions for vertebrates and invertebrates