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Who's Who

All the staff at Northern are duty bearers helping to ensure that the children of Northern and beyond enjoy and have access to all of their rights as set out by the United Nation's Convention for the Rights of the Child.

Headteacher - Mrs J Marr

Deputy Headteacher and Key Stage 1 Lead - Mrs A Ewens

Key Stage 2 Lead - Mrs S Melvin

SEND Co -  Miss Z Stott 

School Bursar - Mrs J Nicholas
School Business Support Officer - Mrs J Gregory

Foundation Stage teacher - Mrs A Ewens 
Foundation Stage teaching assistants - Miss J Nuttall, Mrs Emma French and Mr J Hindle

Year 1 teacher - Mrs L Dixon and Mrs S Egan
Year 1 teaching assistant -  Mrs E Ball 

Year 2 teacher - Mrs R Baron
Year 2 teaching assistant - Mrs L Holt and Miss L Fennell

Year 3 teacher - Mr L Davies
Year 3 teaching assistant - Mrs J Rothwell and Mrs S Birkett


Year 4 teacher -  Miss Z Stott

Year 4 teaching assistant -  Miss K Collins


Year 5 teacher - Mr J Syers
Year 5 teaching assistant - Mrs T Breen

Year 6 teacher - Mrs S Melvin
Year 6 teaching assistant -  Mrs Singleton


Personal Mentor - Miss K Collins and Mrs S Birkett


Intervention Teaching Assistant - Miss S Nanyn


HLTAs -  Mrs J Rothwell and Mr R Ball


Designated Senior Leads for Safeguarding, CLA and Child Protection  - Mrs J Marr, Mrs Anna Ewens and Mrs S Melvin

Pupil Premium Leads - Mrs J Marr and Mrs C Duffy

Online Safety Lead - Mr J Syers and Mrs J Marr 

Prevent Lead - Mrs A Ewens and Mrs C Duffy

Site Supervisor - Mr K Shemmeld
Cleaner - Mrs A Shemmeld, Mrs E Huetson and Miss R Barnes

Catering Manager - Mrs D Mackulin
Catering Assistant - Mrs J Lee

Catering Assistant - Mrs M O'Keane

Welfare Assistant - Mrs E French
Welfare Assistant - Mr J Hindle

Welfare Assistant - Miss R Barnes

Welfare Assistant - Miss P Steer

Welfare Assistant - Mrs T Breen

United Nations Rights Of A Child