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What Our Parents Say

You are all amazing, we appreciate everything you are doing!


Thank you for all the hard work that all of you have done. It really is appreciated.


You all deserve a huge medal! Thank you very much.


Thank you so much, you're all amazing!


Thank you for being amazing.


Thank you so much for all your hard work and the support and trying to keep our children safe. Big hugs.


You're doing a great job - thanks everyone.


Thanks for all your hard work. I know it can't be easy teaching to a computer so take a break!


Thank you for all your hard work.


Well done to all the staff.


Thank you for all your hard work. 


Thanks for your continued support and care for the children, your efforts are massively appreciated!


Thank you to all at Northern.


Thanks for doing a super job.


I have to say what a fantastic job I think you have all been doing at Northern for the children.
It’s such a difficult and stressful time for everybody. * has found these lockdowns really tough, especially this last one however, the interaction with school, his teachers and friends in the live lessons have really helped to boost him and have encouraged him to complete all the work although he is definitely ready for a half term break, as am I! The structure of the live lessons has really helped to keep some sort of normality to his ‘school day’ (and mine!)
He can’t wait to return back to school, hopefully in March (fingers crossed).


Thank you so much for all your hard work. It is really appreciated.


Thank you to all the staff at Northern for their tremendous effort in continuing to educate our children and supporting their families in this challenging time.