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Week 6 Wednesday

A happy morning to you all!

Let’s see what you lovely lot have been up to…


Hannah has been working hard on the tasks and on her typing skills. Excellent work Hannah!

Picture 1
Picture 2

Max has been working hard on his timetables and he is now very confident he knows his 8x tables! Well done sweetie!

Picture 1
Isla has been a little superstar learning her 4x tables! Check out the video below! 
Ellie gave clear reasons for why she wouldn't want to live during Roman times. Good work Ellie.
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Guess Who

Correct! It was Miley S yesterday.

This boy is super helpful and very trustworthy. He is a lovely friend to everyone in the whole school. He has a gorgeous smile and is always thinking of others. He loves football and shows good sportsmanship every time he plays a game in school. He has recently been promoted to head designer while helping to build his back garden. Can you guess who?


Okay, put your thinking caps on for today’s learning.


Read and enjoy this poem out loud.

The Dentist and The Crocodile



Now you know the rhyme. Read this poem again and add excitement and expression.

Use word hippo to find the meaning of the words below


require, repair, quivered, quaked, fearsome, molars, weeping, despair


Head to the library today and read an adventure book! We need to still be practising reading out loud and entertaining an audience while we’re reading. You could read a book to someone in your house? Have fun!



Head on to Mathletics and practise the 4x tables song. Don’t forget to dance!

We’re sticking with timetables practise.

This coconut game is all based on multiples.

Multiple means it’s in the timetables.

EXAMPLE – which of these numbers is NOT a multiple of 5?

5   8   10   15   20


1 x 5 = 5

2 x 5 = 10

3 x 5 = 15

4 x 5 = 20

So 8 is NOT is the 5 timetables.

This is something we haven’t looked at much in class so it’s a pretty important one to practise.


Whichever timetables you choose to look at today, write them down up to 12x to help you. Maybe best to start with the 2x tables because we know that if it’s an even number it must be a multiple! If it’s odd it’s definitely not!

Let me know if you need any help. Just send me an email.




Head back on to Purple Mash and finish your wanted poster for Boudicca.

Watch this video for more information to help you.

Forgive me, it’s a catchy tune and you might be singing it all day!



The Boudica Song | Cut-Throat Celts | Horrible Histories

Have a lovely day of learning!


Miss you.