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Week 6 Tuesday

Gooooooood Morning!


Log on to Reading Eggspress at 10.30am.

More details in the Reading section of today.

Let’s have a look at all the lovely things you guys were up to yesterday.


Zak has been working hard on The Romans topic. Here are his reasons for and against living in the Roman times.

Picture 1

Isla baked some amazing brownies for VE day. Look at those white chocolate chunks! She’s also worked hard on yesterday’s tasks and I love her reasoning for not wanting to be around in the Roman times.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Max B picked out some great facts about crocodiles and said he really enjoyed the task. Well Done Max!

Picture 1
Picture 2

Ellie created a beautiful poster for Captain Tom and some great work on crocodiles. Good going Ellie.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Kaden has been learning about morse code and has left a cryptic message for you to work out. If you crack the code be sure to email me your answers!
Picture 1
Jackson worked really hard on our tasks yesterday and has written some beautiful full sentences! Lovely work Jackson!
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Picture 2
Picture 3
Miley N also had her thinking cap on for yesterday's tasks. Great work Miley!
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Picture 2
Georgia picked out some great facts about crocodiles for our Literacy task! Well done!
Picture 1
Sam and his brother had a challenge set for them! They were given instructions on how to make a cake. They had to read and follow the instructions and their mummy only helped them when it came to popping the pans in and out of the oven. I think you can all agree the cake looks delicious. Lovely learning boys!
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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Guess Who

You’re correct! Rory was indeed our guess who yesterday.

This little girl has recently become a big sister for the first time. She has been so excited about the arrival of her sibling and we’re all so happy she’s here safe and sound. This little girl has a wonderful smile that she shares with everybody every day. She tried her best with her handwriting in all her work and loves helping others in the class. Can you guess who?


Learning caps on!


Mummies and Daddies help, please! I can’t apologise enough that you need to sign up to this website but it’s absolutely free and you won’t receive pointless emails from them.



Now you’re registered, follow the link below and read this trickster tale about monkeys and crocodiles. You’ll have a good understanding of the situation thanks to your new-found knowledge on crocodiles!

Reading Eggs


I would like you all to log on to Reading Eggspress at 10.30 am!

Log on

Go on to Stadium

Click on vs The Class

Select ‘Easy’

See who you’re up against!


I’m going to be playing too, we all know I’m very competitive so I won’t be going easy on you, Year 3!

Let’s have a few games. Keep playing until 11am. All the practise will make perfect.



Remember I said Mathletics had amazing songs? But they were charging for them?

They’re free again!

I can assign them to you, so you have to find them.

Go on Mathletics and I’m sure they’re underneath the ‘play’ section. They’re called timetables toons.

Start with the 4 timetables. It’s very catchy!

Uh, yeah! Come on! It’s the 4 timetables.

Think up movements to go with the song, practise makes perfect! Then send in your videos singing along. I’d love to see them!

We used to listen to a timetable song every day in school so try to listen to this 4 timetables song and do your dance every morning.




We’re going to stick with learning about The Romans for this rest of this week.

I have set a project for you on Purple Mash. This needs a lot of detail! You can work on this today and tomorrow.

Remember Boudicca?

Watch this video to remind yourself

Use the ‘Think about’ to help you write your wanted poster.

These will be going on display in class so best work! You all did really well with The Twits book review so we’ll have some lovely displays!


Have a lovely day of learning Year 3.

Miss you!