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Week 6 Friday

It’s Friday today, yes it is! *Clap, clap, clap*

It’s Friday today, yes it is! *Clap, clap, clap*

It’s Friday today.

Friday today.

It’s Friday today, yes it is! *Clap, clap, clap*

Hope you like the new smiley face home page :) 


Guess Who

Yesterday’s Guess Who was Patrick! Great guessing guys!

Miss Collins describes this little girl as always helpful. No matter what topic we are studying she will always have a few fabulous books, objects, facts or games that she will bring in to share with the class. She is so kind and let’s us keep her amazing finds throughout the whole topic. She has a wonderful bunch of friends. She is also a fabulous little actress and is always ready to jump in during our drama session. Can you guess who?



Think caps on before the weekend!


Watch until the end of the story

It won't let me add it as a video today for some reason so follow this link


Discuss what has happened in the story and the tricks the crocodile carried out.

Write a summary of each trick:


Trick One


Trick Two


Trick Three




Jump on Reading Eggs and try to get those 1000 eggs ready for next Friday!



Listen to 4x tables on Mathletics – keep up your planned movements


Keep practising your timetables with the fun game below

CHALLENGE – 3, 4, 8

Write them out first to help you!

Again, it's not letting me attach an external link. Hopefully it'll work;



Carry on with your Roman gods and goddesses research.

So far so good, I had a cheeky little look yesterday and you’re all off to a good start!


Don’t forget, if you have chance, sing the weekly song at 3pm.

Look out for the special announcement at 2pm!