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Week 5 Tuesday

Good morning Year 3 and a HAPPY TUESDAY to all of you little munchkins.

Once again, you’ve been making me smile and working hard. Let’s have a look at what you’ve been up to.


Jackson wrote a lovely piece for the Roald Dahl story based on his research about Robins. Excellent writing Jackson.


Picture 1

Max produced an excellent piece of work on VE day. Look at how colourful and bright it is too. Brilliant facts Max.

Picture 1

Isla created a lovely little story for a raven as part of The Twits work we’re doing. Isla also wrote 5 facts about VE day.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Georgia has written her 5 facts about VE day and created an absolutely gorgeous rainbow for her Nanna and Grandad to pop in their window. Lovely Georgia!

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Picture 2

Zak also produced a great extract for the Gluing of the Furniture chapter. Good work Zak!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Ellie has been working her little socks off in Maths producing a song and she has a great Roald Dahl writing. Super Ellie!
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Picture 2

Guess Who


This little girl is a happy little girl. She is super at Maths and will help her work buddies on the table when learning new concepts. She has lots of friends in the class and that's because she's kind, considerate and caring. She's also funny! She loves her little brother and will tell us every day about something he has done. She's got wonderful manners and the nickname 'smiley'. Can you guess who?


Ready? Switch your brain boxes on. We’ve got learning to do!


Let’s return to our story and see what happens when the the Twits return home! First, what do you think is going to happen?

Watch the clip below until Chapter 28 (46 minutes 50 seconds)


Roald Dahl | The Twits -

So, the monkeys escape! What great news! However, as we now know, the monkeys should be in Africa. Luckily, they made a great friend in the Roly Poly Bird and he’s going to fly them to Africa.

I want you to design, make and decorate Muggle-Wump’s Dream Tree House, with lots of imaginative additions and reason why he and his family would love them! You could draw it or build it! It’s up to you. I’d love for you to send your designs in. The page tomorrow will be as beautiful as the page for the The Twits house :D 



I know there are a couple of children very close to gaining their silver certificate and a couple of you are close to another bronze. Very impressive after just one day! Keep up the eggscellent work!



So, you guys looked at all the facts about time that you need to remember by the end of Year 3.

You’re going to use your classmates ideas to help you answer these tricky questions… ready?


What is the fourth month?

What is the month before June?

How many days in September and June altogether?

When is your birthday?

How many minutes in quarter of an hour?

If I go swimming at 3 o’clock and stay in the pool for an hour, what time do I get out?

How many seconds in 3 minutes?

How many hours in 2 days?

How many years in 5 centuries?

When will our next leap year be?



 If I fall asleep at eight o’clock at night and wake up at 6:00am. How many hours sleep have I had?

If it's half past 11 and we have lunch at midday, how long do I need to wait until I can eat a sandwich?

Louis skipped for 2 minutes. John skipped for 180 seconds. Who skipped for the longest time?




Remember, we are focusing our afternoon tasks on something special this week. Well done for all your work researching it yesterday. It is in fact VE day on Friday!

Today, I would like you all to write a Newspaper article. It’s all been set up on Purple Mash. If you watch this clip first, it’s got a lot of the information you’ll need.


Can’t wait to read them. Let’s see who can gain a reward and let’s see who can gain the TOP reward ‘Writing Excellence’ I don’t give it out easily!


Have a beautiful sunshine-filled day Year 3. Any suggestions for activities tomorrow when it’s supposed to be super sunny and super warm are more than welcome!