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Week 2 11/1/21

Week: 11.01.2021

Hello Reception!  

This week RWI work will be set on our daily teams meeting at 9.30am. 
We will be concentrating on our set2 sounds and I will also introduce our new book. I will upload anything you may need to this page. 

Please make sure you join our daily team sessions. If you have any problems get in touch .


Good Morning. This week I am in school, I am looking forward to seeing some of you. In Read, Write Inc this week we will be recapping over the sounds we have learnt so far.

I have also attached a Ditty sheet. I would like you to do 1 sheet per day like we do in class.  Last week you read Ditty 1 2 and 3 so this week you will read Ditty sheet 4 5 6 7 and 8. 


                                                     We will also be practising the ay ee igh ow oo sound.

           How many words can you write with the these sounds in?

           Can you write me three sentences a day?

           How fast can you say all the sounds?


I would also like you to read the story I have added Nod in the fog. Remember to Fred in your head, Then try to answer the questions at the end. You have all week to read this book.


I have also added a link for you to click on with all the set 2 sounds. Challenge yourself and see how fast you can say all the sounds. You could even use the pack you have at home.


Finally see how many nonsense words you can read. Remember Fred in your head.


Please email me any work you have completed (within school hours or the following day)


Hope you enjoy the tasks I have set for you this week.

Miss Nuttall

See how many nonsense words you can read.