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Wednesday 7th October

Good morning those of you who are working from home today.  We are all missing you in school and hope to see you back very soon.  


The sound we are learning today is the l sound.  Watch this clip to help you pronounce it correctly and then have a go at writing it.  You can also try and use it to write some words using the other sounds we have already learned like - log, lad, lap, lip.




Today, we will designing our own superhero.  Draw your own and talk to a grown up about what special powers it may have.  Does it have a cape, a special badge or a mask?  Use the sounds we have learned so far to try and label parts of your superhero.



In maths this week we have been learning about counting and matching amounts to numerals.  Today I would like you to practice writing the numerals.  Write these on pieces of paper and then order them.  Close your eyes and ask a grown up to take one of the numbers away.  Which one is missing?  Try and complete this with the numbers mixed up to.


I hope you all have a great day and I will speak to you all soon.  Take care,