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Wednesday 29th April

Good afternoon Reception Class.  I hope you have all had a lovely day.  I look forward to receiving more updates from you and your family.  Take care, Mrs Ewens

Good morning Reception Class.  I hope you are all enjoying your home learning.  Well done for all the fabulous home learning you completed yesterday.  I have attached some pictures at the bottom of this page.  I have also added a document to help you continue to develop your child's communication and language at home.

Today's challenges are:


Following on from reading the story of Hattie Peck, find out about which animals lays eggs. 
Draw pictures of them and label them such as penguins, crocodiles, flamingos. At this age the children will use their phonics to help them spell the words and should be encouraged to write the labels independently with their phonic knowledge.


Please remember to practice letters and sounds daily too.  This site will help you



Do you remember counting in twos in class?  I want you to find pairs of objects around your house, line them up and count in twos.  How far can you count?  Can you write the numbers which you count in twos?



When you are looking at animals which lay eggs, try and find out where some of these animals usually live.  Have we looked at these countries in class (we have learned about Antarctica, Africa and England).


Try and remember to practice this weeks song on SingUp too -


Here are some of the pictures I received yesterday.  Well done all of you!


Wow Thomas, what a fabulous cake!
What a beautiful nest Ruby!
I love this Ruby!
Fabulous work Ruby, well done!