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Wednesday 23rd September

Good morning Reception home learners.  I hope you are enjoying learning from home.  


Today we are going to learn a new sound and this is p.  this is a short sound. 

 Practice writing this at home and then see how many things you can find around your home that start with the p sound.


For maths today, you will continue finding different objects that can be grouped in different ways.  For example, 2 cars could match to number 2 or they could match with number 8 as they have 8 wheels altogether, they could match with number 4 as they have 4 wing mirrors altogether.  Explore around your home and find different objects to group in numbers.



can you think of some exciting words to describe Supertato?  (parents - children should be thinking about adjectives such as kind, helpful, friendly etc)   Think about ways that you have acted in ways like Supertato.  Can you draw a picture to show what you did and how this made you feel?


I hope you have a lovely day.