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Wednesday 20th May

Good afternoon Reception Class.  Thank you for your lovely messages and pictures for Teacher Day.  I erally appreciate them and I absolutely love my job because of the fabulous children I get to teach.  Thank you to all of your parents and carers too for engaging with the home learning and helping you at home.  Have a lovely afternoon in the sun!


Take care.

Great work Reception Class!

Great work Reception Class! 1 This is fabulous Seth and Luke!
Great work Reception Class! 2 Seth working hard with Maths.
Great work Reception Class! 3
Great work Reception Class! 4 Well done Olivia.
Great work Reception Class! 5 Wow that has grown!
Great work Reception Class! 6 Thank you, I love it!
Great work Reception Class! 7 We are very lucky staff.
Great work Reception Class! 8 mmmm delicious!
Great work Reception Class! 9 Thank you Ruby, I love it!
Great work Reception Class! 10
Great work Reception Class! 11 Well done Pippa!

Good morning Reception Class.  Your Gingerbread Man biscuits looked delicious yesterday!

Today I have some more activities for you which are based on a different story.  Today you will be looking at Jack and the beanstalk.


Watch and enjoy the story of Jack and the Beanstalk Watch again – or read the book if you have it. (The above version is also available to print out). Set up a quiz to check your child’s understanding of the story. You could use a buzzer, whistle or anything ‘noisy’ for your child to use when they know the answer! Questions could include: What did Jack swap for the cow? What was special about the beans? Who lived at the top of the beanstalk? How did Jack escape the Giant?


Continue to read on Oxford Owl and practice your phonics daily.



I have set work for you to complete on Mathseeds.  I have also added a game for you to play with someone at home.  Who will win?



Can you measure the beanstalk which you all grew in class?  How many leaves does it have now?  If you haven’t still got that one then measure another plant and keep checking each week to see how much more it has grown.

Thank a Teacher

Thank a Teacher  1 A beautiful picture Ruby
Thank a Teacher  2
Thank a Teacher  3 Mrs Ewens and Miss Nuttall Well done PIppa
Thank a Teacher  4 Fantastic picture Olivia
Thank a Teacher  5 Excellent Olivia