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Tuesday 9th June

Good afternoon Reception Class.  I hope that you have all had a lovely day.  Take a look at how busy your friends have been today!
Fabulous phonics!
Wow, super maths!
Great work Jac!

Good morning Reception Class.  I hope you all had a good evening and are ready for today's home learning.

Please remember to take part in the daily phonics sessions on -

As we do not have access to Mathseeds any more, please use the following sites as a supplement to the daily maths challenges I send you. -


Furthermore, additional reading and phonics activities can be accessed at -


Today's learning is also here - 


Retell the story orally together.  Can you remember what happened?  Watch and listen again.   With help, have a go at making some owl puppets, following the simple instructions here:  Talk through each instruction as you complete this together.  Re-tell the story again, this time using your newly-made puppets to act the story out.  If you’re not able to make the puppets, use your teddies to take on the roles of the owls!  Encourage your child to use words from the book in their retelling, e.g. hunting, brave, swooped.  



Ask your child what they already know about owls.  Discuss and write down some questions they might like to find out. E.g. What do owls eat?  Where do owls live?  Watch All About Owls (a basic introduction):  Pause the clip after each piece of information and repeat the sentence back to each other.  If you can, have a go at writing one or two sentences down, using your phonics to help you.