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Thursday 30th April

Good afternoon Reception Class.  I hope you have all had a lovely day.  Remember to email me if you have any questions.  Thank you for sending me updates again today.



Well done Reception Class!

Eliza and Alice looking for signs of Spring!
Look what they collected from the hens!
Eliza aiming at numbers.
Great calculations Jac!
A life cycle of a chicken by Jac.
Wow, your sunflower has grown!
Great calculations Pippa!

So I was sat at home and my phone pinged. So happy when I looked and seen some lovely pictures of Olivia. I miss your smiley face walking into school every day. Keep up the good work. Miss Nuttall

And yes my phone just pinged again . Lovely to see you and your sister both working incredible hard. Keep up the good work girls. Miss Nuttall

Good morning Reception Class.  I hope you are all well and still enjoying your learning from home.  I have added some more great pictures of your learning at the end of this page.  Well done and keep it up!

I have set tasks on Reading Eggs and also Mathseeds for you.

Don't forget to practice this weeks song on Sing Up, ready for singing from home at 3pm tomorrow.


Use this site to help your child continue to practice letter formation.  You can select which letter your child needs to practice.


Literacy and topic  

Make a lifecycle of a chicken using the ideas from or  Write the words underneath each part, e.g. lay, egg, hatch, chicken. They could writesome sentences about each part if they are able to.


Maths - 

Using the maths signs + - =, make your own calculations and solve them using counters from home.  Your parents, carers or siblings could make some for you too and you could make some for them!  I will look forward to seeing how you get on.


Look at all the great learning which has been happening with your friends!

Fabulous work Reception Class!

Olivia counting in twos.
Jac finding out which animals lay eggs.
Jac finding out which animals lay eggs.
Olivia finding out which animals lay eggs.
Pippa finding out which animals lay eggs.