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Thursday 23rd April

Good afternoon Reception Class.  I have once again received some great emails from parents and carers and some great photos of your hard work.  Keep it up, keep safe and enjoy family time.  Mrs Ewens.

Fabulous work Reception Class!

Fabulous work Reception Class! 1 Seth is a master at spotting missing numbers!
Fabulous work Reception Class! 2 A great poster from Ruby!
Fabulous work Reception Class! 3 Well done Ruby.
Fabulous work Reception Class! 4 Ruby would like to receive a balloon in the post!
Fabulous work Reception Class! 5 What a lovely thank you letter Ruby!
Fabulous work Reception Class! 6
Fabulous work Reception Class! 7 I love this ticket to the zoo Pippa!

Good morning Reception Class and happy St George's day!  I loved seeing all your wok yesterday and the emails from your parents and carers.  Keep up the hard work Reception.

Today is St George's Day and I have added a powerpoint for you to look at with a grown up.  I have then set a 2do on Purplemash for you to create your own knight and dragon.  I'm really looking forward to seeing those!

Your other activities for today are:


Work together to find out how much your hand is worth.
o You need some coins: 1ps, 2ps and 5ps. About 10 coins in all, if possible.
o You need a pen and paper to draw round your hand.
o Use How much is my hand? – see below.
Try these Fun-Time Extras
• Watch this and learn about our coins.
• Now explore the feel of real coins. Use a pencil or a wax crayon to make a rubbing of a coin. ( I know you are not toddlers but this does help to explain it!)



Remember to form your letters correctly.  In your home learning pack there was a formation sheet.  Tall letters need to be taller than others and remember that letters with tails (g, j, y, p) need to have their tails under the line.


Find out more about pets with Cbeebies:
o Make a zoo ticket with pictures, words and an entry price.
o Feed a real pet together, talking about what they eat or ‘feed’ a cuddly toy, thinking about what food they might like.


I have also set challenges on Mathseeds and Reading Eggs.

Remember that these activities should be fun and I know that you won't complete them all every day and that is fine.

Take care Reception Class and I'll check back in this afternoon.