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Thursday 15th OCtober

Good morning Reception Class.  I hope you are all well and ready to complete some home learning today. 

Oakley worked super hard from home yesterday and completed some great home learning. Well done Oakley!

Today we will be learning a new sound - 'y', watch this video to make sure you are pronouncing it correctly .  Once you have watched this , practice writing the sound and then, with a grown up, think of any words which begin with this sound.  Have a look through some of your books at home and see if you can find any pictures which begin with the 'y' sound; you might find you have things which begin with a certain colour starting with 'y'!

Maths - today we will complete our shape learning for this week.  Go on a shape hunt around your house and find as many different shapes as you can, shapes are everywhere!

English - Watch this   What do children remember most from this.  Design your own T-Shirt to help other children stay safe online.  You can either use the T-Shirt template here or draw your own.

Understanding the World - What is a Sukkot? Watch this Either draw your own or find objects around the house to build your own.  You could use lolly sticks, twigs or even lego!

TShirt template