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Thursday 14th May

Good afternoon Reception Class.  I hope you have had a lovely day at home and have enjoyed today's challenges.

I will upload more work for you tomorrow based on our farm topic.  Take care Reception Class and hopefully we will all be back together soon.

Fabulous work again!

Good morning Reception Class.  I have more activities for you to complete about 'Down on the Farm'.  You have completed some fabulous home learning this week.  Well done!

Don't forget to practice this weeks song on Singup as well as checking in with Joe Wicks for an early morning workout.


Literacy and topic

Read some What am I? animal riddles. If you have toy animals at home you could hide them in a bag and describe them using four clues for your child to guess e.g. I have four legs. I have a curly tail. I have a snout. I say ‘Oink Oink’. What am I? Let children choose and describe a different animal. Help your child to write the riddle down. Encourage them to use their phonics to try to sound out and write unfamiliar words. Share your riddles with your friends and family. Can they guess what each animal is?

Listen and join in with Julia Donaldson performing the What the Ladybird Heard Song•



An exciting game to play when counting in 2s!