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Thursday 11th June

Good afternoon Reception Class.  I can't believe how quick this week has gone and that it is nearly Friday again!

You have been so busy again today and I have loved seeing your pictures again.  Remember to keep sending them in!


Ruby working hard with numbers
Great addition Ruby
Great addition Ruby
Wow, what great facts!
Jack has been busy completing a challenging book.
Jack has been busy completing a challenging book.
Jack has been busy completing a challenging book.
Great work Pippa, you win!

Good morning reception Class.  I hope you are all well.  I was so impressed with your work from yesterday.  Don't forget to check our page each afternoon around 4pm to see the pictures of all the hard work your friends have been doing.  I put these on every day.

I hope you have all been practising this weeks song on Sing Up.  I'm hoping you will all sing it so loud I will hear it from Burnley!

The daily phonics session will be available as always on

Here is today's learning:


Watch All About Owls (a basic introduction):  Pause the clip after each piece of information and repeat the sentence back to each other.  If you can, have a go at writing one or two sentences down, using your phonics to help you.  Watch and discuss All About Owls for Kids: This clip is rich in vocabulary.  Explore and discuss new words together, e.g. nocturnal, hunters, species, talons, bill etc.  Find out all about where different types of owl live by watching Habitats – where do different owls live?



With the help of an adult, make your own short-eared owl mask: 

The masks you made yesterday were fabulous so I'm looking forward to seeing these!



Today's maths challenge, good luck!