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Special Announcement

Well, Friday afternoon is here again.

Before you begin your weekend, I have some news to share.

  1. Northern sing-a-long is still on at 3pm. You can start practising the song if you follow the link below.
  2. For whatever reason, the website isn’t letting me upload pictures! Thank you for all the amazing work you’ve sent in since Thursday. I’ll try and work out the picture issue ready for Monday!
  3. Next week is the last week before half term begins.
  4. We have a special event next Friday! Oooooh! What could it be? I’ll give you a clue. It’s called The Joy of Moving Festival. That’s all the information you’re getting… for now. Look out for clues throughout next week.

You’ve all been super little working troopers this week and it’s time for come celebrations.

Firstly, our Guess Who today was indeed Rosie! Well done to those of you who guessed correctly.




Let’s give a big round of applause to our super readers this week.

Sam has a Map 8 certificate,

Ellie has a bronze certificate,

Hannah has a bronze certificate,

Jackson has a bronze certificate,

Isla has a bronze certificate.

Well done guys! Excellent work.

Now, can we give an extra special extra loud clap for Isla! She is the first person in class to gain the silver award! Amazing effort Isla. So super proud!


Let’s give another big round of applause to our super Mathletic mathematicians this week.

Hannah has earned herself a bronze certificate and Sam has been working extra hard and earned TWO bronze certificates in once week. Well done!

Shooting Star

Our Shooting Star this week has been working super hard every single week since remote learning began. He has produced some amazing pieces of work and absolutely blew me away with his piece on Boudicca. He followed every single one of the ‘Think About’ steps. This week, our shooting star is…. Jackson! Well done Jackson, you’ve been working incredibly hard!


No birthdays this week but we’ve a couple to announce next week including half term!


I’d like to say a huge thank you to your parents for all their help with your remote learning and an even bigger thank you for all the pictures of your smiley faces. It brightens my morning now that I get to see your gorgeous grins before uploading the work for the day.


Stay safe, take care and have a lovely weekend. Miss you all very much <3