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We're carrying on with our science on states of matter - last week we looked at how a liquid can turn into a gas through evaporation. You've probably also heard of solids as another state of matter, and plasma as another (although we won't be looking at that - sorry plasma).

But how can you tell what a solid is? What makes it different from a liquid? What makes a gas a gas? Take a look at the clip below and have a read through the special properties each of the, 3, states of matter has.


Once you've wrapped your solid head around that, you need to log on to PurpleMash - Day 18 - Solids, Liquids, Gases. All you need to do is drag the clip art and select pictures of examples next to whether it's a solid, liquid, gas or plasma and explain how to tell a solid is a solid, a liquid is a liquid, a gas a gas and a plasma a something we don't need to worry about yet. 


Good luck